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Big Dan knows the Blues....He is a self-taught powerhouse of a guitar player with over 30 years experience....His vocals are smooth and soulful....his songwriting deep and from the heart....he has a quick wit, sharp sense of humor and loves to entertain.


Big Dan started playing guitar when he was 8 years old. He caught on quickly and was gigging by the time he was 16.  He soon became a big fan of the Blues.


He has shared the stage with many greats including....Downchild Blues Band, Colin James, Paul James, Jack DeKeyzer, Bobby Dean Blackburn, and Eric Burton just to name a few... The Blues has taken him around the world with tours in Canada, United States, China, Japan and Hong Kong.


The sound of  Big Dan's voice and his guitar playing comes from deep within his soul. He gives it all he's got every song, every second, every bit of himself comes out in his music....

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